How to Fix Loud Laptop Fan Making Noise

If you need a quiet environment to concentrate on your work and get distracted even with the buzzing sound of your laptop fan, then you are at the right place. I have faced this problem and was quite annoyed with the loud sound my laptop fan was making all the time. In this article, I’ll discuss all the reasons and How to fix loud laptop fan making noise. Although, there can be many reasons you can’t fix yourself some things can be easily fixed even when you are not a tech geek. We will discuss these reasons and their fixes.

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Why Is My Laptop Fan So Loud?

There can be many reasons for a loud and noisy laptop fan but I have listed the top reasons below:

  • Blocked Vents
  • Clogged up Fans
  • Damaged Fan
  • Heavy Software running in the background
  • Strained resources
  • Malware
  • Gaming
  • Aging
  • Miscellaneous

How to Fix Loud Laptop Fan Making Noise?

I have discussed some easy fixes you can try one by one to solve your loud Laptop fan.

Clean Any Dust from the Vents

Place the Laptop on the Correct Surface

Laptop fan noise can be caused by placing the laptop on an uneven or flat surface or on clothing.

Your laptop rubber pads may be damaged and that leads to the blocking of vents underneath. If you use your laptop on your lap, it also blocks the vents.

In this case, you can buy a laptop stand to lift the laptop off the surface. This will not only unblocks the vents but also prevent your thighs from the heat and ease your working for a longer time. It keeps your laptop cool and increases the efficiency of processors.

How to Fix Loud Laptop Fan Making Noise

Clean the Fan

The most common reason for a noisy laptop fan is dust. With the passage of time, dust accumulates and clogs the fan.

You can try to clean it with a dust blower but it may not remove all the dust. For thorough cleaning, you will need to open the laptop.

Most people don’t open laptops because they are more complex than desktop computers. If your laptop is still under warranty then you should not open it as it will void the warranty.

There are many guides on how to open laptops of different models so I will not go into the details. You can search for your specific model. If you are afraid of damaging it, you should visit a professional.

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How to Fix Loud Laptop Fan Making Noise

Replace the Fan

As your laptop is aging, its different components also need replacement. It might be the reason it is making noise. Or it can be damaged due to falling. While you open your laptop for cleaning, you should look for any damage also. Visit a technician and get it replaced as soon as possible because an out-of-order fan can damage other components and stress the processors.

Use an Additional Laptop Cooler

One of the main reasons a laptop fan making noise is overheating. Overheating can be caused by heavy software or gaming or a hot environment.

The best solution for this is to get an additional cooler fan for your laptop. There are two types of cooler fans, one is directly attached to the vents and another one is placed underneath as a baseplate. Many laptop stands come with additional cooler fans or a place to attach one.

This will ensure that the laptop does not heat up and hence reduce the fan noise due to extra load.

How to Fix Loud Laptop Fan Making Noise

Fix Software Problems

It could be the software that is stressing your laptop and making the fan work faster.

Check the running programs and processes and close any unwanted programs. Also, check the background applications and close those stressing the laptop.

Remove Malware

As you are surfing the internet regularly, your laptop can get infected with malware. Malware and viruses are illegal programs that infect your computer. They run in the background without you knowing, consuming the resources and overheating the laptop. Hence, the laptop fan runs faster and makes a loud noise. Even a light task can heat up your laptop because resources are already consumed.

Install an Anti-virus program and check for any malware or virus. There are many free Anti-virus programs and premium versions are also available for extended security.

Visit a Professional

If you have tried several fixes but your laptop fan is still making a buzzing sound then you need to visit a professional technician.

Upgrade or Replace Laptop

As your laptop is aging, its performance is decreasing over time and also your workload is also increasing on the other hand. Both these factors are stressing your laptop.

The first thing you should try is to upgrade some of its components like RAM, SSD, and processor. If you have a budget for getting a new one you should definitely go for a better option.

Final Words

I have discussed all the possible reasons for a loud laptop fan making noise and their fixes you can try yourself. You can try one or multiple fixes to solve your problem. Hopefully, this will help you to reduce the fan sound to the normal level.

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