Use this free tool to compress and reduce JPG and JPEG image files in a click online.

60% Compression

How to convert PNG file to JPG format?

  1. To convert PNG format image to JPG format,upload the file above.
  2. First select the file by the button 'choose file'. Once it is selected, press upload button, image will start uploading.
  3. Choose the compression level
  4. In a second, page will refresh and you will get JPG image file.
  5. Press the download button or image to download the converted file.

How to Compress JPG/JPEG image files??

  1. You can easily compress JPG and JPEG large image files to small size or even 100KB without loss of quality.
  2. First select the JPG or JPEG image file via the option Choose file given above
  3. After selection, click on Upload Image button and the Upload will start.
  4. After the upload is complete, the compressed file will be displayed.
  5. To download the compressed file, click the image or use download image button.
  6. You can compress as many JPG and JPEG images free of cost, without downloading a software or app online